Life Coaching

Why Professional Life Coaching is such a 21st Century Phenomena

The thought of something akin to Professional Life Coaching just a couple of generations ago would have been laughable at best. A good question would be, ‘What has changed in the past 40-50 years that makes Professional Life Coaching not only viable, but almost a necessity for most who are seeking to live a victorious life?’

The answer is at least three-fold:

The devaluation of the priority of time given to allowing relationships to bear fruit.

While there certainly are advantages to being able to produce fresh, hot popcorn in less than 4 minutes, no microwave technique has been found for the creation of a consistent, caring relationship.

The stress on accomplishment in the home, work place, recreational pursuits and even in formal spiritual settings leaves little time or energy to invest in the often slow and challenging art of knowing, and becoming known by, another.

The explosion of information to be processed and considered

The growth in the depth and breadth of information readily available on any subject today would have been inconceivable just a few decades ago. This has unintended and even unconsidered consequences that are shaping our lives in ways we seem incapable of dealing with in a healthy fashion.

There is inordinate pressure on anyone who operates in any field that has a growing base of knowledge to keep up! The fact that there simply are not enough waking hours in the day to absorb everything considered cutting edge offers no excuse to those who seek to be excellent in their calling

And when the pressure becomes so unbearable that relief simply must be found, there is a ready and rapidly growing supply of distraction fare with which to attempt to numb out.

The warping of the ability of our minds to think deeply

Neuroscience studies are beginning to confirm what experience has been suggesting: we are losing the ability to have reasoned discussion and interactions with anyone who we might disagree with, or just simply misunderstand.

The toxic mix of multi-tasking, sound-bites, 144 or less character communications and social media pseudo-friendships has caused our brains to rewire in such a way as to make it far more difficult to enter into anything resembling deeply considered thought.

Professional Life Coaching has shown that it can be effective in combating all of the above, thus allowing the client to live proactively in keeping with their true heart desires and life purpose.

If you would like to learn more, I offer a complimentary 20-30 minute inquiry call in which you will be able to discern whether life coaching might be beneficial, as well as whether or not a working coaching relationship with me would be likely.