Coaching, for Real-Life.

If you’re here because you want to change, let me congratulate you. It takes guts for a man to admit that in order to change, he is going to need some help.

Your desire to change is one of the four foundational requirements that I need to see in a man for me to consider entering into a coaching relationship with him. (click here if you want to see the other three immediately)

There are two words that sum up coaching quickly:


Change is a process and to achieve permanent, long term change requires more than a quick-fix, one-time emotional reaction. (click here for a quick look at the basics of the change process)


Successful coaching happens when a man identifies someone that he thinks he would like to have help him in the change process. Relationship happens over time, and to be of value, requires a frankness and openness that is deeper than would be a regular, everyday acquaintance.

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"I coach men who are in the

passionate pursuit of their possibilities,

and of their God-ordained purpose."