“I can’t thank Thomas enough for the help he gives me through his one-on-one coaching. He is thoroughly professional, trustworthy and ethical in all he does. Thomas helps me to establish clear desired outcomes for each coaching session and follows up to ensure this happens. His coaching is focused on my agenda, not his, and he has been encouraging at all times. Thomas’ coaching has enabled me to make a life-changing decision that I have been delaying for many years – one that will honor God greatly in many different ways.”
Dr. Kevin Montgomery

New South Wales, Australia

“Thomas made me feel instantly at ease and came along side of me as an old friend would. His insight was refreshing and full of wisdom. He is a passionate, God-fearing man who gave practical advice in helping me lean into a difficult situation, giving freedom for the Holy Spirit to work in my life and speak directly to my heart. Time with Thomas has been life changing. I would recommend Thomas to anyone wanting to grow more into the man that God intended.”
Wayne Smith

Ellensburg, WA

“Thomas Kenyon is a very effective leadership and life coach who I’ve learned to respect and trust as he helped me clarify my goals, and face my challenges, as his client. Highly recommended him.”
Juan Carlos Flores

San Jose, Costa Rica

“Thomas is passionate about helping men to become the man and husband God created them to be. His Bible-based coaching has proven very valuable in empowering me to apply God’s word in practical steps that improved my interactions in my marriage.”
Chief Doug Leib, Ret

Sarasota, FL

“I have experienced incredible personal growth under Thomas’ coaching. His direct, respectful man-to-man approach to listening, asking great questions, and encouraging me to explore and take action in new exciting areas of personal growth has brought results beyond my expectations. He also blends in a well-timed sense of humor at times to keep things from getting too intense. He is someone who shows me that he is for my best, and with me every step of the way, on this exciting journey of overcoming obstacles and realizing my dreams.”
Jason Cannon

Winter Garden, FL

“There are coaches and then there are ‘life coaches’. As a former gymnast who competed with Olympic gymnasts; and as a professional entertainer performing in front of hundreds of audiences, including associations with teams in the NFL and the NBA, I have experienced first hand the ‘in your face coach’, the ‘laid back coach’ as well as the coach who just flat out doesn’t care. Thomas Kenyon is my life coach, and he will get ‘in my face’, but not in the way a football coach might. He listens, studying my every word and thought process. Then he lets me have it…. with precise, well thought out, bold, honest, caring feedback that encourages me to use the information and put it into an immediate ‘action plan’. I am blessed beyond imagination to have invested in Thomas Kenyon, to not only be my life coach, but to continue guiding me forward with Christ-like intentions and a Godly compass.”
Rick Cusolito

Sarasota, FL

“Thomas is a father and man’s man at the core but more than that is he is a man after God’s own heart. He genuinely cares about men and he has the Father’s heart for them . His coaching is both quite affirming and yet incredibly practical. He cares for the people in front of him to take next steps and get where they need to be. He is motivated to help men be at their best in God’s empowering grace. He bleeds authenticity and I believe this will be quite refreshing, encouraging, and remarkable to any future clients who have the privilege of working with Thomas. My time with him has been valuable and it is a breath of fresh air to work with someone who cares about me as an individual and not just a project. I hope many others are blessed by their partnership with Thomas as a coach. I can’t recommend him highly enough!”
Matthew Merrill

Tucson, AZ

In an effort to achieve a high-priority several-month-long business objective while still being intentional to not neglect my own well-being, I needed a professional coach who could listen well, understand and ask tough, insightful, think-it-through questions. Thomas cut through all the surrounding story and my perceptions of it and got to the heart and core of what could make the biggest difference moving forward. His coaching enabled me to create a stronger, more practical strategy for going into this important period than I might have done otherwise.
Gary Wood

Brampton, Ontario, Canada