The Four Foundational Requirements

When I decided in my 60's to enroll in 18 months of studies to become a certified professional Life & Leadership coach, I knew that there were four attributes that I would like for each of my clients to have:

Be a Man

I do not coach females and I don't coach 'boys'. I've had a mom, two wives, two daughters and two granddaughters and I am still stretched to understand what actually makes a women tick. Why would I think I could coach one. I also don't coach boys of any age, and I've seen them at 12, 22, 32 and even 42. A man seeks to be responsible; boys never do.

Committed to change

Change is hard, so I really enjoy coming alongside a man who has committed to no longer doing things the old way, while expecting different results. Progress is possible, and it's an exciting thing to help a man who is all-in to see the results of his efforts in taking a different path that leads to permanent success.

Willing to invest

I've been involved in helping men for most of my adult life and one thing I have learned is that if they don't have skin in the game, they find it too easy to coast or quit. I will give my all to encourage and equip a man who is willing to invest his time, talent and treasure into becoming the man he was created to be.

God conscious

I believe that every man has a God-ordained destiny and it is my honor to walk with any man in the honest pursuit of it.

If you have read this far and still think there is a possibility that coaching with me might be for you, then you are the guy that I crafted my complimentary telephone inquiry call for. This is not a coaching session. This conversation is specifically designed to allow each of us to get to know the other well enough to decide if a coaching relationship would be profitable for both of us. To learn more click here.