Foundational Basics of the Change Process


Everything begins with becoming truly and fully aware of where one is now. Taking a little time to focus on this often unearths hidden truths that are vital to achieving lasting change. Awareness is often something that we will loop back to throughout the coaching adventure.


Even though this seems that it should be the last step, it is necessary to explore this fairly early on in the process. Frequently there will be discoveries made that allow one's vision to become more fully aligned with your values and needs. In addition to a long range vision, it may prove helpful to craft intermediate visions along the journey.

Action Plan

Most men want this to be the first, middle and last component of the process. It is only when the groundwork of Awareness and Vision have been properly entered into that a successful strategy and action plan can be formulated. Rushing this is a crucial error to be avoided and something over which the coach will be ever watchful.


Stuff happens, and don't we know it! Sniffing out potential obstacles and detours before they are encountered will be a major part of coming up with an Action Plan that has a reasonable chance of reaching your goals. Sometimes obstacles will seem to come from out of nowhere and the coach will assist you in getting back on the right path as quickly and proficiently as possible.

This is a very brief summary of the change process that you will be employing should you choose to enter into a coaching relationship with us. To learn about scheduling a complimentary inquiry call, please click here.